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What makes us the best solution for targeting students?

Target Advertising

Each of our School websites have a fixed number of Advertising Spaces available. The layout of the site allows for your company to choose the most appropriate display area for your business. For example you may want to advertise at the top of our Home Page, for maximum exposure. Or you may want to choose a space on the Off-Campus Main Page in order to target that more specific, niche audience.

Coupon Listing

Companies wishing to increase traffic can also benefit from our Coupon Pages available on each School’s website. Please Contact Us for more information.

Social Media Promotion

Our extensive networks of “friends”, “groups”, and “followers” allow our clients to have access to these potential customers. This allows our clients to be “efficiently social”, and focus on their own core business. Please Contact Us for more information.

Job Board

Job Board Posting services allow our clients to access school specific Job Boards and post relevant jobs. Please Contact Us for more information.

University Illustrated Team

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Tom Hodge

Our Founder, our Visionary, and now our Sounding Board. Tom’s experience, insight and guidance are instrumental in the successful execution of our mission.
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Rachel Saul

Chief Editor
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Ivan Torres

Content Director
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Bristol Bertha

Marketing Solutions Representative

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